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Florence's Brick & Stone Washing Expert

Brick stone washing

When homeowners in Florence require brick and stone washing, they trust Little’s Pressure Washing with the work. Professional pressure washing is a vital part of ongoing home maintenance. Our thorough exterior surface cleaning improves the curb appeal and condition of your home sweet home.

Having an outdoor living space to enjoy summer weather is an added bonus for any home. However, if you neglect this feature of your home, it will become an eyesore and fall into a state of disrepair relatively quickly. Whether you need porch and patio cleaning or washing for materials like brick and stone, keep up with your outdoor features.

It's crucial for the sake of avoiding repairs, maximizing longevity, and preventing slip-and-fall incidents to stay current with brick and stone washing. All you have to do is contact our crew, and we'll take care of the rest with expert precision.

Masonry & Brick Cleaning

One of the more common tasks we take care of for pressure washing in the Florence area is masonry and brick cleaning, along with our stone washing. While most people would assume house washing is the primary reason for exterior surface cleaning, taking care of all your surfaces and outdoor materials is our focus at Little’s Pressure Washing.

Having masonry or brick for walls, walkways, patios, or any outdoor component requires maintenance. Even though these materials are durable, routine cleaning makes them look and hold up better to the tests of time. Choose your pressure washer carefully, though, because some companies don't bother to assess the brick first. Older bricks may require more care when cleaning, and we'll go out of our way to ensure the integrity of the material above all else.

Stone Washing

We use the same cautious approach for cleaning stones. We want to wash away dirt, bacteria, algae, and other surface contaminants without compromising the material or the structure. Our exterior surface cleaning methods are adjusted to the job's parameters, which helps our customers avoid damages.

For top-notch brick and stone washing in Florence, rely on our crew. We'll restore the natural beauty of your outdoor features without jeopardizing the integrity.

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