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Thorough Graffiti Removal & Spray Paint Clean Up In Florence

Graffiti removal

The Little’s Pressure Washing team knows how important it is to make a good impression on clients. That's why we offer our own customers in areas like Florence our professional graffiti removal. Eradicating tagging as soon as possible isn't just vital for customer perception; it's essential to help prevent further criminal behavior. Fail to remove graffiti, and you're likely to be a target for other acts of vandalism.

The good news is that our pressure washing pros can help you clean up your act! We assist local businesses big and small with exterior surface cleaning that improves the appearance and condition of your property. From dumpster pad cleaning to graffiti removal, let us wave our magic power washing wand and undo the damage.

Removing graffiti isn't easy to accomplish with harsh, store-bought chemicals, nor do you have the time to tackle that particular task. Leave the complicated work to our team - we're committed to providing nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Spray Paint Cleaning

How does it work? Can you really use power washing to remove spray paint? Although our Florence pressure washing for spray paint cleaning is most commonly used for graffiti, we can also provide our cleaning methods to remove other areas where something like overspray occurs as par for the course of what your business does.

For graffiti removal or spray paint clean-up, we'll perform an assessment to determine what type of surface we're working with, the size of the area, the number of layers of paint to remove, etc. From there, it's a case-by-case basis, but we'll generally use:

  • Cleaning solutions specifically designed for this type of cleaning job
  • Hot water for power washing instead of pressure or soft washing
  • The best nozzle tip for the job
  • PSI of 2000 PSI - 3000 PSI at 2-3 gal per minute, if the material can handle it

De-Vandalize Your Property With Professional Exterior Surface Cleaning

Whether the business is yours or one you manage, the outcome is the same - finding the property has been vandalized can be stressful and downright heartbreaking. However, it's time to fight the good fight and call in our cleaning dream team to eradicate the problem:

  • Deter future or retaliative tagging
  • Prevent related acts of criminal activity or vandalism
  • Avoid negatively impacting the property value
  • Make sure customers aren't scared off

The sooner you act, the more likely we'll be able to remove the paint without a trace left behind. Call Little’s Pressure Washing for graffiti removal and more in Florence.

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